ust the other day when I was speaking to some local seniors , one of them spoke up  about the lack of coverage under MediCare and private insurance for FALSE TEETH!  How can we allow that!  The government pays for prosthetic limbs but not teeth. Can you believe that? How can a person take care of themselves if they can’t chew the food and break it down and how can seniors avail themselves of nutrition programs at senior centers without teeth? How strange it is to think such a thing is not taken care of?

Also I can’t believe the republicans put through the prescription coverage plan without giving the government the power to negotiate the cost of drugs downward!  Without the prices negotiates to at least cash prices that uninsured people can sometimes get from pharmacies, the MediCare drug benefit gets wiped out long before the end of the year.

So much for the republican rhetoric about the “free market”–I guess the free market doesn’t apply to the drug companies when they want to gouge us!

Well one of the problems we face in this country is the lack of health care -for millions of Americans.  For some, the care is denied by use of pre-existing condition exclusions, the care requested is experimental or not in the standard of care options their non-doctors will accept (so the requested care is unreasonable and unnecessary), the charges are excessive if they somehow authorize the care–to name a few.

Today I saw the Prime Minister of England talk with Bush in the Rose Garden. While Bush was admitting our economy was having some trouble, the British Prime Minister was talking about a tax reduction despite universal government paid-for health, dental and vision care–all of which our country does not have. We really have got to get this right and not let McCain and McKeon talk about the free market and make the ridiculous argument that a tax cut or credit would be enough for medical care, assuming the people with pre-extising problems and who have been uninsured for so long, can find an insurer that will cover them.

There are European countries that have great medical care for the entire country and we are in America – the greatest country on  this world and why don’t….. What do you have to say about all this??

Its not the talk of being compassionate that defines us–its the action of the nation’s leaders.

Its not the amount of aide we give to Darfur, Ethiopia and to the aids epidemic that makes us compassionate. Taking care of others and letting our own people suffer is hypocritical. Taking care of all citizen’s health care needs will be the only real evidence of America’s compassion.