Go Visit a local Fair!

September 1, 2008

Hello-I am having a great time visiting with people at the Antelope Valley Fair! There are some great shows and Exhibits this year!  As usual there is great food and conversations!  I like their new facility and it’s well organized!

Coming in September is the Los Angeles County Fair!  I enjoy that Fair, too.  Our family goes to thet Fair every year as we enjoy the beautiful gardens, the great music and shows, Exhibit Halls,and the food! It’s worthwhile going to!

I am a past board member of the 28th Agricultural District.  The Fair it’s self is located in Victoville.  Before I was a Board member, my husband and I used to take our children there when they participated in the 4-H program!   I love seeing the new young faces involved in 4-H and the FFA programs. There is also Grange members and Independents!  Our family continues to go every year!  All our Fairs have rich educational values, they teach great work ethics and team work!

I just want to encourage everyone to take the opportunity and go to the Fairs! I know there are alot of  good movies, but Fairs are something all family members and friends can enjoy together and build new memories!  Whether a Fair is local or a little further away, Fairs are part of the backbone of our America and a part of our great heritage!