Get involved and help people, by getting your vote in the mail or going on November 4th. 2008 to your polling place and vote!

Today there are alot of people who are registered to vote! Some have never voted before and this November 4th, 2008 will be their first time!!

There are people who have moved and did not re-register at their new address.  There are people who have changed their party and not re-registered.  There are people who never find out where their voting location is!

Do you need to re- register? Maybe you are in one of the categories I just mentioned.   If you are, then follow through and register today!  Just to make it easier on yourself, check the vote absentee box!

What is absentee? Absentee is  not having to go to your local voter precinct and vote there on election day.  Absentee voting means that  you will get a book and ballot in the mail, with a return by mail envelope addressed to the county registrar of voters.   You complete the ballot , take off your receipt (the small one that has the number of the ballot on it-that is yours) and then put the large ballot folded) in the return by mail envelope, seal it and put enough postage on it.  There is on the back of the envelope a place where you will have to sign your name. Put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mail! If you forget to mail it, you can drop the ballot at your polling station. Call your county registrar to see if they allow dropping it off at other polling stations.

Well on election day, your ballot will be counted with everyone else’s ballots! Let’s change America.


“This is our first meeting together at Hook Community Center in Victorville !                                                  The Obama Campaign  is in the High Desert!”

I am looking forward to many really good CHANGES in our government and I am happy to be working  with our wonderful volunteers and staff of the Obama Campaign.  There is alot to do to get out the voices and votes of the people in our communities!  You can go to the Obama Campaign website and sign up to help make these things happen!!

Our Democratic candidates, Senator Obama and Senator Biden, will make a great team! They will be our next  President and Vice President of our great country!!

As your Congresswoman, I will be working with our new President and will be looking out for your 25th Congressinal Districts needs! Your 25th Congressional District is very important as it is where you might just live, where your children or yourself atttend school or college and you  work!

We have high unemplyment, high gas prices, high grocery bills, high costs of a College education  and many other problems….! do you have an opinion?  Do you have thoughts about Our 25th Congressional District and  what are some of your solutions today??  Write me a note!  I am looking forward to serving you!