Hello everybody!!

I would like to update all the things that happened up to and including post election misc……

I was campaigning from Barstow to Santa Clarita!   We had many people from the 25th CD and even people from other areas calling to get out the vote!

It was a tight election, very close for Mckeon!  I think that is great!!

One good thing that has happened in this election, (l no matter what some of the people say), we can say “President Obama!!” Yeah!

I would like you to know how much I appreciate all your votes and all you have done to get me to election day with the highest vote count ever in the 25th Congressional District! I could never have got this far without all of you!

I have met alot of great Californians during my campaign and still have contact with many!

People have asked me if I will run for the 2010 election–I have not decided.

You know campaigns cost money and time or visa versa….so I would like to let you know what kind of dollars were spent for this race for the 25th CD!

Well, Buck McKeon(Republican), spent over$ 800,000.000.

I spent about $10,000.00 due to the incredible grass roots volunteer effort! While that got us far, I will need more paid advertising (radio and TV) to inform people about the many issues Buck falls short on is needed, not just after a primary, but in the year leading up to the general election!

If I run for office again,  I need to reach the people who did not vote for me and the ones who might not come out to vote in a non-presidential cycle election.  It is costly to run and Buck Mckeon has already began collecting his $$money for his new Campaign to run for Re-election!!

I know  that I will  need $100,000.00 at least!   I need  more  money and more  volunteers, to make that happen!

So, that’s the hard part and I have to ask people for contributions, (not to exceed $2,300.00 per election cycle)

and….that’s so much money in this awful economy….Let’s discuss this and don’t be shy!

“What are YOUR IDEAS and WHAT CAN WE do to solve PROBLEMS in this Time of uncertainty??”

Hey…..Please write me!

You can also write me by mail:

Jackie Conaway

P.O. Box 865

Barstow, CA  92312-0865

My information is listed with the California  Secretary of State’s  Websiteor You can go to my website:   JackieConawayforCongress.com

….. Here to serve, Jackie Conaway



Get involved and help people, by getting your vote in the mail or going on November 4th. 2008 to your polling place and vote!

Today there are alot of people who are registered to vote! Some have never voted before and this November 4th, 2008 will be their first time!!

There are people who have moved and did not re-register at their new address.  There are people who have changed their party and not re-registered.  There are people who never find out where their voting location is!

Do you need to re- register? Maybe you are in one of the categories I just mentioned.   If you are, then follow through and register today!  Just to make it easier on yourself, check the vote absentee box!

What is absentee? Absentee is  not having to go to your local voter precinct and vote there on election day.  Absentee voting means that  you will get a book and ballot in the mail, with a return by mail envelope addressed to the county registrar of voters.   You complete the ballot , take off your receipt (the small one that has the number of the ballot on it-that is yours) and then put the large ballot folded) in the return by mail envelope, seal it and put enough postage on it.  There is on the back of the envelope a place where you will have to sign your name. Put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mail! If you forget to mail it, you can drop the ballot at your polling station. Call your county registrar to see if they allow dropping it off at other polling stations.

Well on election day, your ballot will be counted with everyone else’s ballots! Let’s change America.