October 22, 2008, Bob (my husband) and I traveled to High Desert Democratic Club and I spoke and answered questions about issues concerning our district.

October 22nd, 2008, Jackie at High Desert Democratic Club

October 22nd, 2008, Jackie at High Desert Democratic Club


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“This is our first meeting together at Hook Community Center in Victorville !                                                  The Obama Campaign  is in the High Desert!”

I am looking forward to many really good CHANGES in our government and I am happy to be working  with our wonderful volunteers and staff of the Obama Campaign.  There is alot to do to get out the voices and votes of the people in our communities!  You can go to the Obama Campaign website and sign up to help make these things happen!!

Our Democratic candidates, Senator Obama and Senator Biden, will make a great team! They will be our next  President and Vice President of our great country!!

As your Congresswoman, I will be working with our new President and will be looking out for your 25th Congressinal Districts needs! Your 25th Congressional District is very important as it is where you might just live, where your children or yourself atttend school or college and you  work!

We have high unemplyment, high gas prices, high grocery bills, high costs of a College education  and many other problems….!..so do you have an opinion?  Do you have thoughts about Our 25th Congressional District and  what are some of your solutions today??  Write me a note!  I am looking forward to serving you!