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  1. jackieconaway said

    I have been asked to express my views on various social security & Medicare issues:

    1. Social Security Solvency:

    Solvency has been a concern since Gore’s idea of putting social security funds in a lock box was rejected in 2000. Now that the social security trust has been borrowed against for a war we did not need, serious study and effort needs to be put into securing reserves and making sure the (new) payment stream from working Americans is not allowed to be spent on anything except beneficiary payments.

    2. Deficit Reduction and Social Security:

    Deficit reduction should not be done with social security reserves or reduced benefit levels. If we cut down our reliance on mercenary (contract) armies and private contractors, we can pay down the deficit. Renegotiating debt payments to bond holders should be explored to improve the US Treasury’s cash position. We should collect on outstanding debts owed to us by banks and foreign countries

    3. Medicare Fraud:

    Due to the stress placed on federal investigators by Homeland Security issues, too much has gone on that could be characterized as fraud or approaching it. To improve the chances of reducing fraud, bounty and qui tam type lawsuits by private public interest groups and responsible citizens should be allowed to capture funds and payment stream lost due to overbilling, prescribing services not needed and services not performed.

    4. Physician Access for Medicare Beneficiaries:

    Physician choice should always be protected.Unfortunately, existing laws allow people to opt for HMO type plans where physician choice is often limited. Perhaps here more consumer education might help or some legislation which makes out-of-plan referrals easier.

    Anyone have any questions–drop a note or give a call!! Jackie Conaway

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