I want to support:

(1) the President’s Health Reform efforts–recognizing its a work in progress;

(2) our troops and their families by bringing them home;

(3) our vets by getting them the medical care and other benefits they were promised;

(4) our retired, elderly and disabled by protecting social security and their medical care benefits;

(5) alternative energy research and development so we can help put an end to dependence on foreign oil;

(6) develop a small business and entrepreneur development program that seeds small business ideas or growth opportunities in existing businesses with a combination of grants, tax credits and spot loans;

(7) offer tax breaks to businesses that use alternative energies and or add to work force and don’t outsource our service and manufacturing sector jobs;

(8) tax cuts for middle class families;

(9) protect families and businesses from predatory mortgage bankers and creditors and develop a program which actually mandates the banks re-negotiate loans in good faith for people who are working and are trying to hold onto their homes or businesses;

(10) protecting the workers’ right to organize, collectively bargain;

I want to improve our nation’s financial health by:

(11) stopping Congressional raises until the workforce experiences a true turnaround and increase in net income;

(12) reducing reliance on private contractors and their armies in our bases and operations overseas (and on US soil);

(13) allowing the federal government to negotiate prescription drug costs without limitation;

(14) pursuing foreign based companies that sell in US markets, to make sure they are not evading payment of taxes that American based companies have to pay;

(15) consolidating government agencies that perform substantially the same services.