You are the solution!

August 25, 2008

It’s amazing to me that we have people presently in office that have done nothing over the past sixteen years to work on the energy problems we are facing right now!   There are lots of excuses! Mc Keon, the current Congressman in the 25th Congressional District, takes the Newt Gingrich script insisting that off-shore drilling is the magic solution to high gas prices(remember Gingrich was the former republican speaker of the house that divorced his wife to marry one his political groupies and served the divorce papers on his wife while she was in a hospital being treated for cancer)  and blames the democrats for higher gas prices–when in reality the democrats are saying (1) off-shore drilling should not be the only part of an energy bill (like the republicans are insisting) , (2) if it was such a solution, why aren’t the millions of current oil leases being drilled given the record profits the oil companies have earned and (3) just approving additional offshore leases is nothing but a political smoke-and-mirror trick at election time to try and get people to forget he and his republican colleagues were in leadership for 10 years and did nothing (Buck was a ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee and chair of another for nearly a decade BEFORE the democrats took back the House just 19 months ago).

Our gas prices are outrageous! Just because they go down a little before the election everyone is supposed to be happy!  Wow it doesn’t take much to distract people from the utter failure of McKeon and his republican colleagues! The republican leadership talks to the oil executives after record profits for a year and a half and the prices drop just before the election! I smell a con job.

The war in Iraq can’t be ended, McCain says we may have to be there 25 years and then there are peace agreements being discussed, again before the election, but not before the defense contractors make BILLIONS on inflated billings and waste.

We need  fuel and we are competing for it with the rest of the world. We sell what we pump in this country to other countries and we let our investment bankers drive up the prices by speculative bidding on oil futures because in 1999, McKeon voting for a banking bill that took regulations off the banking community. Our supplies will run lower and lower and the prices will get so high that people will not be able to get to work. Its already happening in some parts of the country–people quitting jobs because some of our fellow Americans can’t afford gasoline and groceries and rent.  The stock market goes up not because, we the people, are doing better, but because stock portfolios go up (due to oil company, Wal-Mart and defense contractor profits) and reduced payroll (layoffs, terminations, etc).

The machinery  that needs fossil fuel today should have been improved or converted long ago. Running on different types of energy is a simple alternative.

Energy sources other than fossil fuel, such as solar, electric, geo-thermal steam and wind are out there.  We used wind to pump water over a hundred years ago. In Brazil, drying sheets are used to dry out coffee, grains and other products–we don’t need electric powered drying machines. The Stanley Steamer at the beginning of the 19th century traveled 90 miles an hour on steam! There is so-called “clean coal”, but it is STILL coal that requires the land to be stripped and water contaminated! There is nuclear energy and they say it’s no problem- it’s NUCLEAR and we can’t store the waste we have now from our limited use of it!!

Alternative energy  auto/engine types have been invented-we know that the auto industry has them available but something called windfall PROFITS  got in the way – Oh My!!

McKeon should have been working on solutions, working with auto manufactures, inventors and investors years ago -they should have demanded years ago that we change our energy, manufacturing focus and transportation planning policies across this country –instead McKeon and his buds stuck their head in the sand, asked for your vote and blame the democrats for not drilling offshore.

McKeon has driven us into devestating debt-we are over spent… there isn’t a military appropriations bill that McKeon did not like–even when the bill put profitable contracts in the hands of Blackwater, Cheney’s Halliburton, Barbara Bush’s AFIES and so many others, when our boys could not get the armour they needed, the vehicles they needed or the troop support they needed when we were losing them. McKeon was too busy paying Haliburton mercenaries three times what our comparable GI’s were getting paid to be in harm’s way wearing the uniform of our nation.  McKeon is not just a friendly country congressman, but a ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee and chair of another— and what was the result, deficit spending, more debt, no energy solutions , more jobs lost to overseas competitors with the blessing of congress’ tax policies (giving tax breaks to companies that move our jobs overseas) and horrific wounds and disabilities from unprotected humvies and needless deaths from helicopters falling out of the sky due to mechanical failures!

What adds insult to injury, is that Buck McKeon, who claims to be patriotic American, is funding military build-up of Communist China.  The war debt is being funded by loans/bonds that  China is buying. Every wasted dollar pays for a part of a nuclear missile aimed at us and for the build of of an Army of the East (maybe the Biblical army from the East??) (e.g. Communist China, who makes many of Wal-Mart’s products)-most of of our debt was incurred recently for a War we are still in and now we are nearly broke. McKeon wants you to forget that record and is again asking for your vote by voting for a wilderness bill after years of supporting the coal industry’s stripping of the land, the mining companies in our area dumping waste into our water shed and tables (like CEMEX, American Borax, and many others)–do you know the water in Boron, CA is too toxic to drink? Do you know Palmdale-Lancaster’s water is full of arsenic, a toxin from military contractor’s (who Buck takes money from) dumping over the years? Do you know, the Owens Valley air in Inyo County is too toxic for people with respiratory problems? And what about the clean up in North Santa Clarita of defense contractor dumping?  What good does it do to make areas in Inyo County Wilderness areas when the water is being ruined for the people who live there? What type of hyposcrisy is that? What type of hypocrisey is it to allow the City of Los Angeles to take Inyo and Mono County water for a city that irrigates golf courses for the rich while the streams and lakes that support fish and wildlife (and people) are polluted and or shrinking due to the water abuses? Making a wilderness area that will be so dry that the first lighting strike might burn it up, is hypocrisy.

Stop making excuses for McKeon and his people – we can’t let it continue and I don’t think it is right to leave our kids and grandkids a country and District in such a mess. I love my family and care about other people and I think it’s wrong for all of us to continue being comfortable about any of it-I’m not happy with the lies and decptions and alot of folks out there are sick and tired of everything that’s going on!

To those of you in leadership Congress now-Where are you  and what are you doing??

You have nice big houses and well fed families and you give yourself raises every 2 years, no matter how bad the economy is doing or how bad of a job you have done–in the private sector,  McKeon would have been fired a long time ago.

You continue to waste alot by doing little-you are spoiled and have not changed our economy for the better!

Politicians like McKeon lie (he promised he would only stay in for three terms when he signed the Contract with America and the Term Limits Pledge–that’s only the beginning of his lies) do not re-elect the same old problem

Hello-REMEMBER!!      What now??

We need solutions-I have an idea and it’s not just my idea I’ve heard other people say this too:

Hey-don’t complain about everything — instead be a part of the solution- just get into the action and Vote for a change – it’s not a word, it’s a begining of a solution!!!!