Hello! I have been busy, busy, busy!  I have been going from Barstow to Victorville and from Palmdale to Santa Clarita!  I’ve been making new friends and learning much about the 25th Congressional District.

In May, I had the privilege to speak at a Mothers Day Event put on by the Santa Clarita Domestic Violence Center.  I spoke about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). (If you need more information about PTSD, you can call me, go to Wikapedia or to a Veterans website.)

How MUCH is the War in IRAQ costing our country? The War in Iraq costs us money and lives! It is taking a huge toll on our economy and our families! We often talk too much about the dollars.  We need to recognize the stress and strains on our families.

Our Troops, are coming back to unpaid bills, foreclosures and repossessions.This is certainly a part of what they face due the shortfalls between civilian life incomes and military pay. The other costs show up as anger, uncontroled outbursts,  flashbacks and physical irritability (all of which often spill over to the familes they return to).

War is painful finacially and physically!  WAR HURTS!

Howard Buck McKeon SUPPORTED President Bush’s WAR in Iraq!  McKeon voted for this disasterous, finacially painful war!  WHY? Because, President Bush claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that terrorists could get and use in the United States of America!     By the way, there many are other Congress members, that voted for this WAR in Iraq! There are some that said NO to the WAR in Iraq, and still say NO today!  This War is longer and longer and costlier and costlier everyday by day by day etc…I know I am  driving it HOME-it’s important!  Hey- We’re still there five plus years later (which is more time than our involvement in all of WW II).  (Just a reminder: Where’s Bin Laden?  We never got him and if we ever had a chance to encircle him and capture him, we are loosing that chance by diverting our military energies and resources into the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation.   Ofcourse, we are still in Afganistan, we don’t hear as much about it……we haven’t left there-maybe we’ll finish that up soon……

I would like to mention this OIL game, a  big reason we’re there in Iraq, (now hey-an excuse!! ) The WAR in IRAQ it is helping – it’s pushing oil prices up -at this time it’s already $125.00 a barrel, and rising…..due to our currency being worth less than it was just a few years ago.  (this has been in part created by the balance of trade deficit, created from importing oil and buying from countries like Communist China …. It’s from debt being run up because of the WAR in Iraq (and which is being financed by bonds which foreign countries are buying and or borrowing from social security trust funds) overpaying the war machine contractors ($80.00 to do a duffle bag of laundry and often doubling or tripling the salaries of  recently “retired” military personnel to do the work of experienced soldiers, sailors and marines working now for Halliburton, Black Water and others). etc., etc., etc….

We can bring prices down by reducing consumption, increasing storage capacity in the United States (by building more above ground tanks that can store oil bought at lower prices), increasing refinery capacity, dipping into a portion of the strategic reserves, mandate that more domestically produced oil (e.g. North Slope oil in Alaska) be sold to refineries in the USA- here at home first- for domestic production (and not to Japan, as is the case for most of the North Slope oil today) and finally, mandating more fuel efficient vehicles now, not a decade from now.

Those steps can be taken with the stroke of a pen. We can see change now and not decade later (so the oil companies can continue to made windfall profits and contribute portions of that profit to republican campaign coffers). We don’t need to approve more off shore leases. Putting aside the fact the existing leases are not being developed (despite the record profits of the oil companies which can pay for that research and development of new oil fields), the new oil leases that   McKeon, McCain and Bush want to develop, if the green light were given today on their development, would not add anything to our supply for at least a decade (and then only minimally).

Washington needs to  stop spending money on Howard Buck McKeon’s-John McCain’s(Bush111) WAR in IRAQ!!

(HEY- I have to mention this-what about that huge American Embassy in Iraq ? It’s as big or bigger than Vatican City!  That new embassy cost us (our tax dollars at work) $736 million dollars so far!!   WOW-that’s ridiculous !!  It is also coming out that the Embassy,  does not have enough living quarter space in it for the Embassy personnel!  the personnel that don’t want to live in the not-so-secure area outside the green zone or have to travel from the green zone to the Embassy!  Why? Because,  where the embassy people are at risk to IED attacks!!

Let’s CHANGE the way Washington does things!  We need to do the very best for Our Country -the USA!  Let’s vote in someone who cares  about the needs of the in this Country first!

We need HEALTHCARE-NOT WARFARE!  WAR HURTS!   Let’s take care of everyone’s mental, physical and emotional needs instead of an aimless war. With better health care our citizens will be able to work and care for their families, to pay taxes and be able help this country grow.

“ We need HEALTHCARE-NOT WARFARE!  WAR HURTS!  We need universal healthcare so everyone can take care of their families. We need to be healthy so we can work at getting and keeping good paying jobs.”

Listen –  everyone knows that “if  someone is sick, they need healing;  if someone is hungry,  make sure they have food;  if someone is in need of clothes, clothe them;  if someone needs shelter then give them shelter.”  AND “love your neighbor as yourself ” -Question:  If your neighbor is some one who asks you for bread, would you  give him or her a stone?”

What has happened in our society? It seems that some of the  people are too worried about their own immediate needs and not others. They have the money to go to the gas pump, to buy groceries at the local store or drive to another town purchase what they need  for themselves and their children .  They can go to the doctor and get their  prescriptions and medications.  Why? Because they have enough money and they are fortunate to have healthcare! (Well I am happy to mention, there are some who are fortunate to have an income and healthcare.  Even in this group, alot of them have very minimal coverage….But there are over 40 million people without good paying jobs and healthcare! )

Our Country, the USA – is the greatest in the world! Everyone wants to provide and care for their families needs, (I know there are those that don’t and I’m not talking about those people right now-that’s another subject entirely!)Look, we have huge problems and we should help each other find real solutions – (just like we help other nations with their problems) -WE NEED TO START A HOME – here in this Country – the USA!

We need good paying jobs,  lower gas prices,  lower food prices, lower clothing prices and housing prices. We need healthcare for everyone! We need farm incentives to grow crops(not destroy crops so prices are artificially held higher!) We need more green energy and to promote technologies that produce clean fuels, clean water, and clean air!  Let’s work together to find the solutions!!

**Listen, I know that this is a long letter to everyone out there (you the public)! But be patient if you can…and some people will complain about the minor things in life-(like grammer) I’m almost finished…really!

Finally, I am trying to speak to everyone ! This is me and I want you to know why I am asking for you to support me and the others behind me and along the side of me -People who belive in doing what’s important for everone –  not just some!

Thousands of voters want  to be part of the solution!!  There are so many people who want change for the better -to have the very best for our Country-the USA!…..We need to change this group in Washington – and to not repeat the same old mistakes!!!

Let’s Change things:  Do Not Vote for Howard Buck McKeon & John McCain(Bush111)

Let’s be the very best we can be! Not just better or put a band aide on the War or Economy or Energy or Housing – etc…you understand me-ofcourse you Do!!  Let’s ALL work on solutions- there are experts in different fields out there and given the chance will help make the change happen for the very best for OUR Country – the USA!  TOGETHER WE can do this!  – everyone is needed to make it happen!!)

One more time – “TOGETHER WE CAN make it happen!  CLEAN and OPEN Governemt TODAY!!!         Your humble servant!    Jackie Conaway for Congress- 25th District